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BrainTwister - Washing Machine

Is this a new washing machine?

This is pretty tricky until everyone knows what is going where, and then it is just tricky!


  1. The hand grip is a regular H2H grip but twisted, so that you don't have to change it later.

  2. Shena is wearing 1 sock so that we can make reference to the different legs without needing to use left and right as it gets really confusing.

  3. It really helps if the flyer is almost not using the hands while the base tries to get their foot to the flyers shoulder.

  4. Once the foot is enough on the flyers shoulder, the flyer try and lift the top leg (naked foot from the video) skywards, and then everything should twist into place.

Remember to use spotters who know how to keep it safe, else you will need to rely on ninja basing and flying skills if you try this!


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