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  • Thu

    1 hr

    10 British pounds


It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes Handstands such a wonderful practice...

Maybe it is the challenge and effort that is requred, maybe its the meditative element. Personally I love the subtle adjustments of balance and the fact that handstands are low impact on the body.


It is a practice of constant refinement, and there is always somewhere further to take it.

My Online Handstand Classes

I try to find a balance between giving a good level of workout mixed with elements of technique.

We may also practice some other inversions, elements of balance or transition.  Frequently we might make use of a wall, and occasionally we will use a chair as a prop.

My Practice

Handstands have been part of my life for years, but my path to focused handstand practice came after my headstand practice.  I had discovered free headstand (just head touching the floor) and fell in love.  However I practiced too much too quickly and developed some pins and needles sensation down my left arm.

So I started practicing my handstands with the same energy and dedication and they have been a real path of growth form me.

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