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What they said...

Abena Bentum

I really enjoy Jesse’s yoga classes. I love how he is able to teach, encourage and adapt movement for the various needs in the room. He has great focus on breath, which is something I struggle with (I was just doing the moves without understanding how breathing is key to yoga practice). I’ve started to see improvements in my posture, movement and general well-being. I attend early morning classes (pre pandemic) and it’s a brilliant way to start the day! The online classes have offered a way to maintain routine and keep practicing. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Jesse’s classes! All levels are welcome ☺️

Amy S

Jesse is an excellent teacher for all levels, I’d say I’m beginner, and with his teaching I can also do it safely in my front room.
Full disclosure, he’s my brother. I live in the US and he’s in the UK. But over the last 3 weeks I’ve been doing daily classes on zoom, so I'm speaking very much not as his sister but as someone who is loving the classes.

Aneeka Shah

Jesse’s classes are brilliant! He is a great teacher with an amazing flow and style of teaching. I definitely recommend his classes! I am currently attending his classes regularly on zoom as we can’t attend them in person.

Belinda P

Jesse creates an exciting and unique way to explore movement, with friendly guidance.

Benedicte B

I met Jesse at an acro jam, and just in our short playtime, he gave me a perfect cue to help me finally get into an acropose I was struggling with. That perfectly summarizes what I know of Jesse as a teacher: careful and attentive to each of our needs/goals and able to safely and surely guide us towards them. Since the lock down I’ve been enjoying his daily online classes, as he guides us through explorations of our bodies mobility potentials.
I also discovered 5 tibetans and Shiva nata with Jesse – two practices so enriching physically and mentally, accessible to anybody. Definitely a ‘Try it! You won regret it’

Bradley J

Great class last week, thanks Jesse!

Charles CC

Fun inspiring teacher, wonderful class atmosphere, skills and games, definitely recommend.

Claire Y

Jesse is a wonderful teacher for all levels of acro-yoga. His classes are fun and varied and help push you to your limits. Would definitely recommend, whether you're a beginner or a more seasoned acro-yogi.

Dale L

Jesse is fantastic teacher. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned acro-ninja, he has the ability to make the session fun and challenging to all present, and you will quickly find yourself developing skills, techniques and muscles you didn't know existed!

I thoroughly recommend you book a class and see for yourself!

Faheem C

Had a great class with Jesse yesterday, he really knows his stuff and keeps you in line while keeping the whole session fun!

Fiona C

Jesse is an intuitive and caring teacher with huge depth of knowledge in the art of Yoga.
He paces his classes, taking account of everyone's abilities, at the same time as building strength and flexibility.
I could not reach the plates down from the top of my kitchen cupboard...BUT... after doing Jesse's classes now I CAN!!
Thank you Jesse, I feel as though I am achieving something in this lockdown period and your classes clear my mind so that I can work more effectively too!

Imogen M

I am just finishing my 2nd week of Zoom classes with Jesse. As a not-so-young novice, I am thrilled with Jesse's teaching techniques, his skills and his very humane approach. His clear explanations are a great help, as each new posture is totally new to me!! I am so grateful to have been recommended to join the group, and I sincerely hope that zoom classes will remain part and parcel of Jesse's activities.

Jack C

I am in my fairly early seventies and have been doing the Five Tibetans with Jesse for almost exactly a year. When I started I had no relation to yoga and no exercise routine to speak of. No serious relation to anything energetic, really. A year on I suspect I am more fit than at any point in my adult life. I really owe him a very great deal. This isn't just because he knows his subject inside out and has communicated that knowledge to me with skill and wit. He seems also to grasp what is most needed by, and most crucial for, each one of us individually as we come to his classes with our different personal histories and preoccupations. If you are not confident about taking on a class straight off, consider asking him for a one-off session to start with

Julia G

I have been doing yoga for a number of years, all different styles (which I fall in and out of love with from time to time) mostly for flexibility and strength more than anything else but Jesse's classes I would have to say are my staple diet and an absolute must to stay healthy and strong. No matter how I feel before I start, I know I will always benefit from every class and not just for that day but for days afterwards. Each class is challenging and as someone who enjoys different types of exercise, I would have to say that this one is the only one I would never give up!

Katalin B

After ten years, I have re-discovered Jesse Saunders, who was my encouraging teacher. It is great to practice with him again. Jesse has developed his own method, a combination of loosening, stretching and strengthening. His yoga classes preparing your body for the asanas in a deep way. Your mind and body get focused on the feel and change rather than on achievement. Jesse is a very good teacher, he is working with us, showing what we have to do and constantly talking us though of every move, every stretch. His classes are interesting, they are always somewhat different, following a very clear principle. I fell refreshed after class and tired in a good way. I do recommend Jesse’s teaching, his online yoga classes, his private lessons, and if you are up for it, his acro yoga classes!

Kenny T

Hi Jesse, Just to say thank you so much for helping me live more pain free than I have over the last 2 years. Your classes have really made me see the importance of yoga to rehabilitate and to restore movement even at my age. If I had gone to the doctor he would have just told me I have arthritis and given me pain killers yuk! not thanks. So keep going Jesse your classes are great value. And like my granny said, "If you don't have health you've got nothing". You also introduced me to the Five Tibetans! Short intense exercise for the confined space and taking no more than half an hour if you include the breathing exercises!! I don't know anyone else who is doing this wonderful series of exercises apart from you so a big thank you for the intro Jesse I shall attempt to do them every day to achieve 'eternal youth!!' Rock on!!!

Lesley H

Jesse is a great teacher! I travel from West Wales to train with him once a month and attend classes

Lukas M

Jesses classes are perfect reflection of his personality. Attentive, understanding, challenging, intuitive and observative. I have started nearly one year ago and feel how much my body change in flexibility and strength, not talking how welcoming and warming environment he’s able to create via zoom classes. He is absolute perfect teacher who understands beginnings and is able to push me as well as knowing where my limits are and work with them suggesting variations. His wonderful voice is very calming and clear as well as instructions. I cannot stress more how much it changed my life especially over covid period and yoga classes are highlight of my day, keeping my mind, body and soul in check. I highly recommend his classes for whoever is really looking for teacher with true teacher spirit and seeking the appreciation and celebration of life itself.

Ma R

Jesse is an amazing teacher! His classes are great for anyone from beginners to the well seasoned acrobat. Incredibly helpful with small tips to improve your balance here and there and most importantly his classes are super fun and you leave feeling energized ^^

Mary K

What terrific classes! During this lockdown it has been wonderful to enjoy daily sessions. A great counterbalance to being so sedentary.

Meg A

Jesse’s classes are brilliant. He is a great teacher with his mix of being patient and pushing you to improve. Would highly recommend his classes

Mike L

I love Jesse's classes. I've been doing his acro yoga classes since the beginning of 2020 and really love the community there. He's an excellent teacher and got me moving very quickly, understanding concepts that initially looked terrifying. He'll really help you to identify flaws in your technique and correct them in a very safe environment. I've now been enjoying his online zoom yoga classes everyday and it's something I continue to look forward to.

Rachelle G

Being a gym nut, I do many forms of exercise daily but until almost 5 years ago, yoga was not one of them. This all changed when I was working with a personal trainer following back surgery and saw Jesse getting into the most incredible positions. I booked into his class and was astounded by how poor I was at it. I was determined to get better and had a few 1:1 sessions with him to understand positioning better. I even tried a few acroyoga personal sessions - obviously, I trust Jesse 100% that he will keep me safe. This time I was stunned by how much I could do under his careful tutelage. despite my poor but improving balance and being scared of heights.

I was delighted when I heard he was running yoga classes daily adding 5 Tibetans and Shiva Nata some morning and a weekly 1:1 session. There are many things I love about Jesse's classes. Firstly, he varies the programme enough to keep it fresh but not too much that we don't get to grips with the movements. I know he is watching each and every one of us as he occasionally calls out our name and advises us how to reposition. During the 5 Tibetans he gives us progressions and regressions and ways to join the movements if we want. At the end there is a chat about how each of us found it. I really like this way of personally connecting with everyone in the class. Also during the Shiva Nata we are each taking turns in leading the movements and with his encouragement taken on more challenges. In every sphere – flexibility, balance, strength - I can feel improvement

Jesse has a quirky sense of fun which comes into the class and livens it up. Even though we are working out remotely, there is a sort of intimacy between all of us that one would not get in a class situation. We know each other's names, their strengths, and difficulties. I cannot wait to get back to personal contact in the gym but will miss my daily zoom lesson.

Rosie G

Jess is passionate about all kinds of movement & this shows both in his own practice and in his teaching, whether handstand coaching, training partner acrobatics or teaching yoga, Jess has a wealth of knowledge and experience, knows when to push you to your edges as well as being patient and playful in his coaching, intuitively adapting to suit all levels.

I’ve enjoyed Jesses acro classes & workshops over the last 4 yrs and lockdown has given me the chance to join his online Yoga, 5 Tibetans & Shiva Nata classes via zoom. These have kept my mind & body active and engaged and given structure to my days. I highly recommend moving with Jesse!

Sandra C

I highly recommend Jesse's online yoga classes, as he offers a creative but also traditionally centred practice for all!! Jesse's precise delivery and understanding of different bodies has given me increased strength and range of movement, resulting in freedom from lower back pain. His patient, empathetic and inclusive approach definitely gives a sense of well being in these challenging times. Thank you very much Jesse Saunders! X

Shena G

Jesse is fantastic at teaching especially finding different ways for your body and mind to understand. I attended his classes for two years and was so inspired I started having regular private classes with him which I’ve been doing for three years. I then went on to qualify as a acro teacher but felt the things I’ve learnt from him equipt me to teach to a higher standard. He is also very funny and I really enjoy our weekly sessions

Simon S

I love it. Been going for years. Always different techniques to learn. Challenging on so many levels. Love you Jesse.

Tom C

Jesse's acro class was both fun and challenging! There is something for everyone, whether a complete beginner or advanced. Jesse has a wonderful style, supportive but able to push you to develop further each class. Thank you and see you next week! Tom

Yvona N

Jesse is a really great teacher. For a long time I was afraid of doing things like head or hand stands but I was surprise how quickly he help me to overcome my fears and push my limits within a safe environment. As a teacher he is very patient and understanding yet demanding which I really like as it helps my progress a lot. Definitely would recommend his classes

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