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The 5 Tibetans

The Fountain of Youth


The 5 Tibetans also known as the Fountain of Youth is ideally practiced daily. 

Building up over time, the aim is to be comfortablyable to do 21 repetitions of each exercise.  I find that doing 21 repetitions of each exercise takes me approximately 15 mins in total. 


In my daily online classes we have 3 main ways that we practice the 5 Tibetans.


In the 'Seperates' & 'Timed' practices we do some Pranayam exercises in between the Tibetans, as these help to centre and us even more as well as giving the body a little resting time.   


If you are new or the practice feels too strong, then you should start with anywhere from 2-3 repetitions of an exercise and build it up gradually over time with consistent practice.


In the 'Seperates' practice we also use the Pranayam to allow us to come back together and start the next Tibetan exercise as a group. Here we count the number of Tibetans we do over time until we