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AcroYoga Tring


2.30pm-4pm - Classes/Courses

4pm-5.30pm - Open Practice 

AcroYoga Tring is Rosie's Baby. We were lucky to team up at the start of the covid pandemic and while acro was only possible to do with a dedicated partner at that point in time, now that restrictions have lifted we are excited to rebuild the Acro community in and around Tring.​

​AcroYoga is about play, creativity & possibility, coming together to meet up in person, to learn how to relate & adapt, to support each other and find ways to better ourselves.


With support and progressive technique, we learn to face our fears, build trust, get fit, strong & flexible, and most importantly make friends in a fun and playful environment.

In recent times, technology has made possibilities of communication & connection so much greater, yet the real experience for many is greater isolation, wholesome playful physical contact is so needed right now.