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Massage & Bodywork

Private Acro & Yoga Tuition
1-1 & Small Groups

Deep Listening Bodywork

As ​someone who uses my body a lot, I both like and lean towards deep touch with a a listening intuition.

This means that I will tend to reach for the deeper muscles where possible as I feel that this offers a more affective change to our being.

Therapeutic Flying

With many years of Acrobatic & AcroYoga experience, I can offer most people a real something special.  Lifting you off the floor on my feet, I can use your bodyweight to manipulate, twist and turn you. As well as allow you to literally hang upside down allowing your spine to decompress.  Sometimes a few mins of Therapeutic Flying can be lifechanging and offer you a sense of release never imagined before.

Thai Massage

I often mix in with the Flying bodywork some Thai Style Massage.

Here you would lie on the futon fully clothed, while I use a mixture of deep gentle bodyweight pressure and movement manipulations to leave you feeling much free-er and fully embodied.  Working through clothing allows us to feel safe and facilitates working through to the deeper layers rather than sliding over the surface of the body.

AcroYoga & Acrobatics

I am one of the first AcroYoga teachers in the Europe, and I have been teaching Partner Acro since 2007.  AcroYoga makes this wonderful art very accessible to beginners and people who would otherwise maybe not feel able to approach such a discipline. 

L-Basing can be done virtually anywhere, but if we were to explore into standing acrobatic balance we would need high ceilings or a good park space with dry ground and good weather!

Working 1-1 I am traditionally a base and most likely could take you through a good variety of tricks and movements with you as the flyer.  What is possible is very much dependant on the two of us, the movement possibilities we each bring and the relationship we create together. 


I am also very happy to fly. I am not too shabby as a flyer but I am quite big, particularly for new bases to be learning the ropes with.

If you and a friend want to learn together I can offer a mix of basing so that you can feel how it should be, as well as Spot so that you and your friend can safely get to grips with the movements until you are confident of doing them alone.

Here is a video a regular client of mine commissioned for her 60th birthday.  She is a yoga teacher herself so brought with her a wealth of movement creativity and flexibility.


If you would like 1-1 or small group classes, I am happy to travel locally to teach you in your space.

I approach yoga through the physicality of breath and posture.  This leads us to a deeper and more spiritual place but the tangibility of body is a great way in.

Yoga can work well online too, so I am happy to offer sessions through zoom if distances are too far.

5 Tibetans - The Fountain of Youth

I would be delighted in working to set you up with this beautiful self practice.  If you would like me to watch what you are doing and help you work out how to best adapt this amazingly powerful practice to you, we could do this in person or online.

Shiva Nata - The Dance of Shiva

This is another wonderful meditation movement practice that is great for our Spatial awareness, Balance & Co-ordination.  We can work in-person or online.

During the lockdown I had a client who went for eye surgery and was told not to exercise for some time afterwards. When she asked if she could still do Shiva Nata, the doctor after seeing what it was said that would be fine!

Booking a session

Please message me if you would like to book a session.  I would be delighted to help you be more at ease in your body or go deeper into your movement exploration.

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