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One - one &
Small group sessions

Online Sessions

You are welcome to book a session at an available time through my website, however please also message me directly to confirm the timing.

Online sessions are a great way to take an indepth look at your practice, and I am happy to give advice and guidance on all the various elements I teach through through my website.

One of the things it is difficult to offer online is the hands on bodywork, however I am very happy to give some guidance on body rolling using various props, and working out what we can use too.

AcroYoga & Acrobatics

Online, this will work best as a 1-2, or 2-2 session, where I can demonstrate or explain variouse elements. Through the lockdowns, this often requires working without a spotter. 

Personally I enjoy working like this, as we need to establish how things can go wrong safely.

Its my opinion that we have not really mastered a trick until we can safely & comfortably get it wrong!

Flying 1-1s

If you would like to develop your AcroYoga or Acrobatic flying skills, 1-2-1 tuition and transmission is probably the fastest way to learn.  Feeling what you are doing I can give accurate insight and feedback.

This is obviously subject to lockdown measures allowing physical contact.

Basing 1-1s

I can also help you with your basing, how to be more grounded and work safely and responsibly too.  As I am a larger flyer, I would normally recommend that for this type of private session, you bring a flyer with you and I can help you learn together.  

If going to your first class or acro jam feels a little intimidating, my 1 to 1 sessions are a great way of easing you into practicing acro. Training in a safe, controlled environment with an experienced instructor is a perfect starting point for any newbie.

For the committed and experienced students, I will give you things to work on and over time we can develop an array of challenging and impressive skills to give you that great sense of personal achievement and or shower your instagram with, depending on what is your motivation!


Yoga works really well through zoom, and it can be of great benefit to develop your yoga practice, with an experienced eye looking at your alignment, for you to ask questions about breathing or somply to have someone hold you accountable to your practice.

If you would like to have a small group session with a partner or a few friends, this can be a nice way of getting active together.


These sessions need to be in person and are therefore dependant on lockdown measures allowing us to connect.  They are perfect if you want someone to listen to your body and help you relax.

I offer Therapeutic Flying Sessions, Thai Massage or a mixture of both. See Bodywork for a more detailed description of my style of body work.

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