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About Me

Hi, I am Jesse.  I live in Tring with my beautiful partner Rosie, our sweet little baby Sienna and courageous step daughter Scarlett.


I teach Yoga & AcroYoga as well as a few other movement elements that can challenge body and mind.  I have been teaching for 15 or so years, and practicing since the turn of the century...


If I were to describe what I do it would be something like - Understand the spine, learn to pour weight and reach, let the ultimate pose be a long-term goal, and find the effortlessness in the moment.

Things are not always what they seem! I broke my right lower leg clean in half back in 1999, and this was the well disguised blessing that set me on my path into Yoga & Massage.

Those early days were more focused around healing, initially through self practice under the guidance of Nic Freeman through the framework of Ashtanga Yoga.  Later influences in my yoga world are Jonathan Monks & Elena Voyce.

My journey progressed into Thai Massage, and I practiced and taught from about 2004. Notable teachers for me were Pichest Boonthumme, Asokonanda & Kira Balaskas.

I had tasted acrobatics before my accident, but it was not until after, that I discovered this was to be a real passion that would feed me through the years. In 2003 I started attending regular evening classes at Circomedia in Bristol. It was basically me & Amandine attending, plus occasionally a few circus students making up hours. She preferred tumbling while I preferred Partner Acrobatics. We would do a bit of both with Niki from Bongo Bolero.

I had a taste of what I wanted to do but no-one to really play with! After my time travelling I settled back in London. Looking for a regular partner at The Circus Space, I found Jaqui Wan, the First European AcroYoga teacher.  We started training together and co-teaching too. Attending the 2nd ever AcroYoga teacher training was a no-brainer.

Jaqui and I had a really easy co-teaching dynamic, but after about 4-5 years we were pulling in slightly different directions.  My acrobatics developed further through my partnership with Marijke.  We met at the International Acrobatics Convention in Bordeaux 2010.  She moved countries so that we could Play, Train, Perform and Fall in love. Our paths have since forked in different directions, but I am very grateful for these life lessons.

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