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Yoga with Weights


For the Stiff

It takes a lot of strength to open the body.

Often we might get to the edge of our range of movement and not even consider pushing through to increase its possibilities. It can be slow and even feel painful, so why would we!? 

I have a lot of tightness in my right hip and knee, which is to do with the posture patterns I have developed from a broken leg 20 years ago.  I have recently made massive developments in releasing this through the use of stretching with weights.

Having a greater range of movement makes it easier to change our orientation, find balance and just manage the simple things in life with ease. It might be things like putting on socks and shoes or scratching an itch on our back, or maybe the goal is to get upside down into a headstand or handstand.

For the Flexible

There are some people to whom flexibility comes easily. For these people learning to support weight and be strong in their posture is of great importance. 

Working slowly and mindfully allows us to stabilise the weaker parts of the body safely and without impact.  We are looking for strength with ease, to be powerful throughout our range of motion allowing us to help protect the joints.

For the AcroYogi

I have been teaching AcroYoga for many years and done with the right awareness, it can be very therapeutic.  As a base, you need to ground yourself and become strong to support the weight of another human. This takes great focus as you do your best to keep each other safe.

Using a weight instead of a person allows us to bring the focus back to ourselves, whilst still reaping the benefits of learning to be strong enough to carry and support on the foundations we create.

I don't have any weights, can I still attend class?

Yes. The style of the class is a little slower, looking at holding postures longer rather than lots of transitions. We explore how to be strong in the postures first without weights, then if appropriate with weights, so it's fine and sometimes even better to re-work without additional weight.

What weights should I use?

I like to use kettlebells.  Dumbells are also practical, but you could use anything that you have to hand like a big bag of rice, water bottle, etc.

I would recommend exploring with about 1/8th your bodyweight.  It's always better to start with less and build it up.

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