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Injured Athletes!

This never normally happens, but I had been marginally late for my early morning classes 3 consecutive times, so it was a good start to the day and the week to get there and ready for the start! And while driving in I happily got reminded just how Ace I am! ;)

I am then working one to one with a client who hurt her back weight lifting.

I am in the process of trying to work out what is my specialisation, who is my client type, where can I make the biggest difference in people's lives?

Working through injury is definitely up there as this was my own journey into the healing world.

This woman is very capable, strong and able. There are some movements that are very painful for her. There are some simple things she can do fine but hasn't done for a good while, mainly because a physio has told her never do this.

#Fear can be so crippling. She'd actually had several physio's all tell her different things to do and not do.

We worked on #selfbelief, to learn to trust (again) her already very strong body awareness, and some simple lifting kettlebell on the feet exercises that I often cover in my #YogawithWeights classes, where the back is well supported so we can focus on awakening the legs.

I think that athletes need a different kind of medicine to your average joe. By athlete I mean anyone who really enjoys their physicality. The body is made to move. These people need to told yes you can, but maybe do these things with caution, with extra awareness.

#SmoothIsSafe, seemed to be the what came out of this session, that if you cannot keep the movement smooth then maybe the weight is a bit heavy. Working on simplicity, slowing things down so that we can increase our awareness.

Have you/are you working through some injury or difficulty?


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