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Mostly what I do could be described as Therapeutic Flying. 


You have to trust me to lift you off the floor, and this often facilitates a deeper letting go too.  As we learn to relax into the support, firstly letting your spine hang and gently extend and then starting to massage the shoulders and upper back.  If it feels safe and appropriate, from here we can start gentle to deep manipulations, using your bodyweight as the means of pressure and placing supporting hands and feet in different areas for your body to release around. 

Just hanging releases the spine and lets the muscles release into a more relaxed neutral position. Occasionally it has happened that flying someone in this way for just a few minutes has been more effective in releasing back pain than all other bodywork that they have tried previously.

The shoulders are probably the most moveable joint in the body.  It is possible to massage shoulders from all sides when someone is in a hanging support, without movement being limited by bed or table.


My first training was in Thai Massage, which is a beautiful and effective way to manipulate the receiver's body into deep relaxation.  Often I will also use some Thai Massage techniques within a session, leaning with strong but relaxed sensitivity to deliver a good pressure. However, sometimes using the receiver's bodyweight can feel even more effective for release and letting go.

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Nothing to book at the moment
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