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Tasmanian Devil

This is one of my favourite AcroYoga washing machines. It is challenging for the base and for the flyer, it can be slow or dynamic and it requires a lot of calibration and trust.

Here is an example of Alice and me. After much calibration we got 3 and 3/4 spins.

How many spins can you make?

I think I started creating this washing machine with Shena.

It became named the Tasmanian Devil because during the creation process it seemed to make sense to rotate the flyer faster to make some of the transitions easier. This did sort of work, but when it went wrong the flyer would generally fly across the room, reminding me of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon where he would spin very fast before flying across the space!

Please Note:

While spinning fast was part of the creative process, the more successful efforts have worked through calibrating the movements much slower and then speeding up together once calibrated.

The pre-requisites for this trick are a free (no-handed) side-star.

If you would like to master this washing machine, book a class and let me know!


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