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Acro Toolbox


Acro is a lot about trust, and many people like the reassurance of not slipping.  This is particularly useful if you get sweaty hands or feet.


If you struggle with flexibility in your back and hamstrings while you are basing, it might be an idea to buy a support to lift your bum a bit higher.  Anatomically this takes the pressure off the hamstrings and allows you to utilise the power of the quads and belly

Small Portable Wedge

Large Wedge

Handstand blocks

If you struggle with wrist pain, have all the weight in your wrist and none in your fingers, Handstand blocks might be the thing for you.  You can sand them down to make them ergonomic fit for your hand, slope them if you struggle putting your hands flat on the floor, and it can be easier to use the strength in the fingers squeezing the block over pressing them into the floor.

Square blocks

Round Blocks

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