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These sessions are perfect if you really want to focus in on your technique, as we have the time and space to really tailor the sessions to your needs.  If there is something specific you wish to work on/towards, please do let me know.

Private 1-1 & Small Group Acro Sessions

We will often create a routine as this allows us to work through a lot of material, revisit stuff to witness progress.
I am an experienced base and can work a lot of things safely without a spotter.  I will give you precise feedback on what you are doing and how to improve, which is a great way to really develop your acro practice.

Shena's 60th...

This video is a routine Shena & I were working around her 60th birthday. Although she said she was never going to teach AcroYoga, she now has an active community following her in Woking


If you want an experienced eye, or intuitive healing hands, contact me for a private yoga or bodywork session. 

I can come to you, or you to me and we can set you up with a personal routine, or really establish your practice with regular sessions.

Private 1-1 & Small Group Yoga or Bodywork Sessions

Coming from a thai massage background, my bodywork tends to be through the clothes.  This allows us to actually work deeper.  Avoiding the distraction of surface sensation, we listen through to the deep lying movements and energetics of the of what lies beneath.

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