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AcroYoga Tring

Each Sunday, we are running a series of AcroYoga courses.

We have everything covered from Beginner friendly Fundamentals through to Intermediate flows and standing Acrobatics.

If you are not sure what would be the best course for you, please reach out and we can help you get the right match.

Do I need to bring a partner?

In short, no, but you are also welcome to!

We love it if you come along on your own, as this shows courage which is a positive mindset that helps everything around you grow. We promise that you will have someone to try all the material with, and will leave the course with a new set of friends and the sort of friendship that goes much deeper than words.

We also love it if you come as a pair because this means that you're more likely to practice between sessions too. If you do come as a pair, please also be prepared to work outside your partnership as this will likely fast track your learning. Certain things are far easier with different body types.

AcroYoga Tring is Rosie's Baby. We were lucky to team up at the start of the covid pandemic and while acro was only possible to do with a dedicated partner at that point

2023-03-26 (4).png

in time, now that restrictions have lifted we are excited to rebuild the Acro community in and around Tring.​


​AcroYoga is about play, creativity & possibility, coming together to meet up in person, to learn how to relate & adapt, to support each other and have fun.


With support and progressive technique, we learn to face our fears, build trust, get fit, strong & flexible, and most importantly make friends in a fun and playful environment.

In recent times, technology has made possibilities of communication & connection so much greater, yet the real experience for many is greater isolation, wholesome playful physical contact is so needed right now.

Come along, meet new people and Do Something Amazing!

About us

Jesse is one of the most experienced teachers in Europe. With 15 years of service as a founding member of the London AcroYoga community, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge as a teacher, performer and practitioner. He is a specialist in many areas of AcroYoga and his love of the practice cycles between dynamic power elements such as standing acrobatics and Icarian games, through to the softer listening elements of subtle balance as well as therapeutic work with clients.


Rosie has been addicted to Acroyoga and passionate about sharing the practice since discovering it in 2015 and subsequently completing the AYI Teacher Training in Thailand in 2018. She loves the community, connection, fun and challenge of AcroYoga and believes it is for everyone! She loves helping people find their Acro wings just as much as the challenges of standing acrobatics.

They bubbled together during lockdown and with Scarlett (age 12) and the new addition to the family, baby Sienna, they are Acro.Bubble. Based in the green belt north of London, Jesse & Rosie intend to make the small town of Tring an AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics hotspot, currently offering a weekly class & jam on Sunday afternoons just a short hop from Euston.


Expect to level up your L-Basing with a focus on timing & technique, and to elevate your Standing Acro with power & precision.

AcroYoga Can be a great way to connect with your children.

If they are aged between 9 & 13 years you can bring them to the class & jam for 1/2 price. To do so, please buy 2 Drop-in or Jam tickets and enter the code 'AcroKid' at checkout.

If you want to bring them regularly, and benefit from the class package discounts please get in touch by phone or email.

Alternatively contact us for private parties and 1-1 sessions.

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